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Support for School Children

Foodshare supports schools in and around Maidenhead in a number of ways.
Children Reading the Holy Bible
Holiday Hunger Support

During term time, schools provide food for children in poverty. During holidays, families lose that support. So we now have a scheme to support families with school children during school holidays.

For details of the support we provide and of our Holiday Hunger appeal, click here.

Term Time Support for Schools

During term time, we provide breakfasts for pupils at schools whose families are unable to afford to feed them properly. During the school holidays, we provide a meal two times a week from families who have access to food during term times but not otherwise.

We also provide toiletries and sanitary pads for pupils whose families are not able to afford them.


'We are here to help'

Unit 65

The Nicholsons Centre,

King Street, Maidenhead.


Reg. Charity Number: 1142868

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