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Introducing the dynamic partnership between Foodshare and Re: Charge R&R  - a combination that serves up delectable food and transformative change in equal measures!  Both charities believe in building strong, healthy relationships that help people achieve their fullest potential.


Foodshares, a group of dedicated volunteers share a passion for nurturing families and communities. We came together to provide a safe, welcoming space where families can come together and create lasting bonds during the school holidays.

Thanks to all the hard work of our Foodshare cooks and servers, we can provide delicious, healthy meals for up to 40 children and their families every week.


Our partnership is about more than just food - it's about igniting change in people's lives. By fostering a sense of community and connection, we help families build resilience and achieve their goals. And what better way to do it - around the dinner table eating delicious food with all the family.

'We are here to help'

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