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Foodshare Shop

"The Foodshare Shop opened its doors in June 2022, there was a buzz in the air. The Foodshare community had been eagerly awaiting its arrival, and the moment had finally come. Walking in, customers were greeted by a warm smile and a sense of welcome. This was not just any shop; it was a place where those who needed a little help can come and get exactly what they needed"

Unlike traditional food banks, the Foodshare Shop gives customers the ability to choose what they want, instead of receiving pre-packed bags that had limited choices. This is a crucial part of Foodshare's mission to give people a hand-up rather than a hand-out.


Customers can access the shop through a modest membership fee, and nominations from Foodshare's network of referring organisations ensure that those in genuine need receive intermittent support. But it was not just about the food. The Foodshare Shop aims to promote a sense of community and belonging.


As people browse the shelves, selecting their preferred items within an overall limit, there is a sense of empowerment. They are in control of what they receive, and this creates a more dignified and respectful environment for all. The Foodshare Shop is quickly becoming the primary way for the charity to provide food support, and it is easy to see why. The sense of community, the empowering shopping experience, and the commitment to giving a hand-up all combine to create something special.


The Foodshare Shop is not just a place to buy groceries, but a beacon of hope for those in need.

'We are here to help'

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