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Foodshare is a Registered Charity with a simple charitable objective: to help people in and around Maidenhead who are, for whatever reason, unable to feed themselves and their families properly.

Our primary focus is on providing nutritious food, including fresh food, fruit & vegetables.  We aim to provide a minimum of 3 days of food, more if we have the stock.   We accommodate as far as we can particular dietary requirements (for example, vegetarian, gluten-free, Halal etc).

Dropping-Off Food Donations

We have dozens of places to drop off food donations.


Click the button below for a list of the food we most need and the drop-off times and locations.

How To Recieve Food Support

There are a number of different food bank locations. You can choose the best place for you.


Click the button below for details of how to get a voucher and a list of collection spots.
Join Our Friendly Foodshare Team


Volunteering with us you are helping your local community in and around Maidenhead.

We have a number of volunteering opportunities available from supermarket collections, cooking meals, harvest festival collections to volunteering time at one of our foodbanks in Maidenhead.

'We are here to help'

Unit 65

The Nicholsons Centre,

King Street, Maidenhead.


Reg. Charity Number: 1142868

© 2020 by Foodshare

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