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The Loneliness Campaign

Too many people in and around Maidenhead feel lonely. This is a particularly acute problem for people in poverty who may struggle with poor support mechanisms. We see the impact in the large numbers of people who need help to eat properly who do not come forward for help. We see it in the number of people who receive foodshare vouchers but who do not collect their food.

We have teamed up with a number of other charities that operate in Maidenhead to try to address the sense of loneliness and isolation.

We are currently running two Inclusive projects.

The Poster Project

The poster campaign features messages that convey the warmth and cohesion within Maidenhead. It is designed to encourage people in need to feel welcome and to reach out for help in their time of need.

The campaign highlights how much charities in and around Maidenhead and huge numbers of their volunteers care about the community. They also focus on how normal it is for people to help each other during crises and that it is OK to ask for help.

Charities we are working with on this campaign include the Brett Foundation,  Citizens Advice, Jubilee Community Church and the Samaritans.

Create Your Own Posters

Create your own poster that prominently features either of the key messages we are conveying:

  • It's OK to ask for help

  • We care

We are happy to help you design your own poster. For help, contact us at

Display Available Posters

The posters below are available to any organisation that wants to support our Loneliness initiative by displaying one or more. The posters are available in A1 or A4 size. You can request posters from us at

The "Musical Cares" Project

In association with Values-based Education, we have put together a pack for schools, or any other organisations, to make it easy for them to visit Old People's or Care Homes.

There are many benefits to residents who feel more connected. And students benefit too as they develop empathy, a sense of achievement and new perspectives from chatting with people from different generations and backgrounds.

We have created a Schools Pack with ideas for visits and risk assessments. And we have created a series of Sing-Along videos with the musician Tom Seals, to help break the ice at the start of a visit and to give the visit a focus where appropriate. One of the songs features a choir from Newlands Girls School in the chorus.

To download the schools pack, click here

To access the sing-along playlist, click here

'We are here to help'

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