Applying For A Voucher

How we can help


We seek to help individuals or families where one or more person in the home is not able to eat at least one full day during a week because they can not afford it. We also seek to help people who would find themselves in that position without our help.



We help people living in and around Maidenhead. Contact details of where to get help are set out in the yellow box.

Out of our catchment 

If you are in need of help and are out of our catchment area, the following other groups may be able to help. In and around Slough, there is the Slough Foodbank. In and around High Wycombe and Beaconsfield, there is the One Can Trust. In and around Windsor, there is the Windsor Foodshare. In and around Beaconsfield, there are some church groups who are starting to provide food support

Emergency Requests


We understand that some people have such an urgent need for food that they do not have time to organise a voucher.


Anyone who finds themselves in that situation should leave a message on our emergency helpline,

01628 262711

Please note this line is only for genuine emergencies and can only be used for a single voucher. Once we have made sure you have enough to eat, we then help you find a referrer for future weeks where needed.

Applying for a voucher

We have around 60 organisations that are able to identify if the foodbank is appropriate for you. They issue vouchers for the delivery of food directly to your home.

If you are unsure where to get started, here are some tips:

  • ​If you have a child at school, ask the school

  • Health visitor

  • Children’s Services

  • If you have a professional support agency, ask your support worker

  • For general enquiries, contact the Citizen’s Advice Bureau

  • RBWM Welfare Office in the Housing Department

  • If you are in social housing, ask the housing association

Foodbank Locations

'We are here to help'

Unit 65

The Nicholsons Centre,

King Street, Maidenhead.


Tel: 01628 262711

Reg. Charity Number: 1142868

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